Once upon a time there was a business owner who was frustrated.

He just spent $1,000 on 𝕏 ads and had nothing to show for it. It was weird, because his company was successful on other platforms like Meta, Google, and TikTok. So, he wrote them off. He thought that 𝕏 ads “didn’t work.”

Then one day, he reached out to me. I took a look at his account, came up with a few ideas, and created some new campaigns.

All of a sudden… the ads started to work. His cost per click dropped. So did his CPMs. Most importantly, people started buying!

Over the next few months, my team and I started scaling up this business owner's account. And 𝕏 became one of their best performing channels. They were even acquiring customers for less than they were paying on Meta.

The biggest win was that now, they had unlocked a brand new channel. This insulated their brand from Meta & Google performance swings. They tapped into an entirely new audience of customers they weren’t reaching on other platforms.

I wasn’t planning on starting an 𝕏 ads agency. But the results we got were so good, I knew there was a huge opportunity for all types of businesses to scale on 𝕏.

That’s how West Egg was born.

We Make 𝕏 Ads Work

Maybe you have a similar story. Maybe you too are frustrated with Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Google, Youtube, TikTok, and all the other ad platforms out there. Maybe you’re tired of the account shut downs, rising prices, or unpredictability.

Or maybe you’re getting good results on these other platforms, but you want to explore 𝕏 and get some channel diversity, so you can build a stronger moat around your brand.

This is why we exist.

There are a lot of digital agencies out there who try to do everything for everyone. They’re a jack of all trades, master of none.

Not us.

We only do 𝕏 ads.

This is our specialty.

We are the team that’s going to make your 𝕏 ads successful.

Why You Should Be Advertising on 𝕏

  1. Potential Virality: 𝕏 allows for real-time interaction with your audience. Conversations happen organically, and your brand can be part of the dialogue. Your ads can even go viral, bringing you tons of “earned media exposure.”

  2. Cost-Effective: With less competition, 𝕏 ads provide more bang for your buck. Lower CPMs (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), CPCs (Cost Per Click), and higher conversion rates mean more reach and more bang for your buck. Very few (if any) of your competitors are advertising here. It’s a blue ocean.

  3. Targeted Reach: Advanced targeting options let you pinpoint your ideal customer and cut out all the “junk inventory.” You don’t have to “go broad and hope for the best.” You can get your message in front of the right eyes without breaking the bank. Plus, you can sync up your Shopify store, retarget website visitors, cart abandoners, and upload your own custom audiences.

  4. Sophisticated Audience: Advertise to a smarter, more sophisticated audience where real, important conversations are happening. Reach decision-makers and influencers directly.

  5. Huge Market Potential: Tap into a massive portion of the market that isn't spending time on other social platforms. 𝕏 users are active, engaged, and ready to interact with your brand. There’s an audience of 600 million people there who probably don’t even know you exist.

  6. Increase Your Enterprise Valuation: Mastering acquisition on another channel like 𝕏 can boost your enterprise valuation. Diversify your advertising strategy and reduce dependency on a single platform, while showcasing your brand’s adaptability to potential buyers.

  7. Platform-Specific Ad Creative: Innovative formats like 𝕏vertorials, thread ads, carousels, and catalogs allow for native-feeling ads that engage users deeply, enhancing your campaign’s impact.

  8. Competitive Edge: With fewer competitors on 𝕏, you can dominate your industry’s presence on this platform. Be an early adopter and gain a strategic advantage.

Who We Are

I (Chris Orzechowski) started this agency out of my own frustration. I also got fed up with Meta and some of the other ad platforms out there, when I was trying to run conversion campaigns for my own products, books, and courses.

𝕏 is the only social platform I hang out on. Over the years, I used it to get leads for my copywriting business, to sell my courses, and even to get clients.

I thought to myself, “If my friends and I are able to sell stuff organically on 𝕏, why wouldn’t ads work?”

Everyone told me I was crazy. They told me that 𝕏 ads were like lighting your money on fire. They were a waste of time, and I shouldn’t bother.

But every day, I saw tons of brands in every industry imaginable selling with 𝕏 ads.

I knew there was something here.

Even though the platform has been around for years, the old “Twitter Ads” platform was kind of a nightmare. But once Elon took over, they started making improvements. They started adding new features and improving the product.

When I looked around for books, courses, or Youtube channels where I could learn more… I couldn’t find anything. There was no “cottage industry” around 𝕏 ads.

So, I figured I’d be “the guy” to figure it all out.

I started spending more of my own money to figure out the platform. My very first campaign got me 8 client leads in a week with less than $1,000 in ad spend. That’s when I knew I was onto something.

The truth is, you are EARLY to 𝕏 ads. The larger business community doesn’t believe they even work. That’s their loss and your arbitrage.

I formed this agency to take advantage of this arbitrage.

It might not last forever. At some point, 𝕏 ads will follow the typical “tech adoption cycle” and become a mainstream ad platform.

For now, we can enjoy some of the cheapest traffic around. We’ll never go back to “Facebook in 2014 where you get clicks-for-a-nickel.” That train left the station years ago. The golden age of Meta and Google are in the past.

But, I believe “The Golden Age of 𝕏 Ads” hasn’t even begun. We’re just getting started and are positioned to ride the wave up.

Who We Work With

We typically work with e-commerce (DTC) brands, political candidates, and SaaS/tech companies.

Here are some of our past clients:

100% Asynchronous

We’re not a traditional agency.

Here’s why that’s a good thing:

We are 100% asynchronous. You hire us and we get right to work. No long, drawn out, unnecessary onboarding process that takes weeks (or months). It’s a painless process that takes less than an hour.

We don’t do meetings, because we spend all of our time working to make your 𝕏 ads as successful as they can be.

We don’t have account managers or slick sales people. You’re not going to pay us a bunch of money and get handed off to a “junior.”

You communicate directly with the people doing the work.

Less meetings, less headaches, less stress. More results.

How Our Fees Work

We charge a fair, flat monthly fee. We know you want to have a handle on your expenses. Your business might have seasonal highs and lows. We get it.

The minimum ad budget we work worth is $5,000/month. If you’re starting with less, we are more than happy to consult with you until you get to the point where you can hire us to take over.

We charge a flat fee for our ad management service. If we can scale you to where you’re spending over $50,000/month, we’ll have another discussion to determine what it will take to continue to scale your account past that point.

If you need our help creating static for your campaigns, we charge an additional flat fee on top of our base package. It’s an investment, sure. But it’s one that can help you open up a brand new stream of customers and clients you never had access to before. It could be the one move you make this year that moves the needle the most.

How To Get Started

Fill out an application and we’ll discuss your needs via email. If you like our plan, we’ll get started. You can expect to hear back from us in 24-48 hours (or sooner).

Chris Orzechowski
Founder, West Egg
An 𝕏 Ads Agency


We typically work with e-commerce (DTC) brands, political candidates, and SaaS/tech companies.

Here are some of our past clients:

"A level of exposure that Facebook or any other platform couldn't touch...

I recruited Chris to spearhead my 𝕏 ads when they were a virtually untapped strategy—while everyone else was still hemorrhaging cash on Facebook. With Chris's expertise, we didn't just outplay my opponent; we dominated entirely new audiences and achieved a level of exposure that Facebook or any other platform couldn't touch. Chris is more than a sharp copywriter; he's a marketing genius, and his insights are worth their weight in gold."
Brian Lenney
State Senate Campaign 2024

"I trust Chris with autonomy to make good decisions without further input from our side...

Before working with Chris, we struggled to get even a single conversion on 𝕏 (Twitter). But after handing it over to Chris, we’ve been able to scale to a healthy daily spend that supplements our larger presence on Meta. His team and communications are very professional, updates are timely, and I trust him with autonomy to make good decisions without further input from our side— a rare quality in agency partners these days."
Steve Arena
Founder of MASA Chips

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